Monday, July 16, 2007

Hurrah for breaking personal records!

Tonight Dillon and I climbed Bird Ridge.

I had originally planned to climb it earlier today, but the rain almost deterred me. Actually, I had planned to climb it five or six times previously this summer and got deterred on various occasions by things such as being too lazy, too busy or it being too rainy. However, the sun came out this afternoon and I finally made it out there.

It was terribly hot at first, especially since it was so yucky early in the day. But then as we got above tree line there was a nice breeze and the hike became more pleasant.

This is a difficult hike...steep and constantly uphill until you hit the ridge line. From there it is relatively easy going to the peak at about 3600 feet...or beyond if you want to go on to the Bird Ridge Overlook. (which I haven't done in years...and realized tonight I needed to. Too bad we didn't start earlier!)

But it was very pleasant tonight. Especially being out in the sun after so many days of rain.

The most exciting thing of all? It took us exactly 4 hours up and down.

Now, I know that there are people who run this mountain in under 2 hours. But those people are crazy. Most people I know take several hours for this average is 5 hours and my previous best was about 4.5. However...tonight- FOUR HOURS!

Add on top of that my pride in Dillon-- this is his fifth summit in less than month. Just more than a month ago and he had never summited a mountain before, ever!

Go us! :-D

Oh...and Natasha is a great conversationalist. ;-)

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