Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Something profound

I was driving to the bar tonight, to cover a shift for a co-worker, when I had a thought which was deeply profound and politically interesting about which I wanted to blog.

I didn't both to scrawl myself a note, because it seemed too good a thought to forget. I was wrong. I have forgotten.

Haven't written anything, here or in my real journal, in the last week. I've been busy. I worked a lot last week. Several 12-13 hour days between the two jobs.

I also got a chance to sneak in Transformers though. I was annoyed with a few parts. But I realized that is because I am an uptight, bleeding heart liberal environmentalist and an overly nostalgic child of the 80's. I also had to force myself to sit through my self-induced panic and heart break at the thought that they might kill Optimus Prime all over again.

Nonetheless...It was awesome. I loved it. Probably also because I am an overly nostalgic child of the 80's

Last weekend I also knocked off two more peaks, two days in a row, from my list: Baldy and Rendezvous Peak. My goal is to get either Wolverine or South Suicide this week. We'll see.

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