Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back at Sully

Last night hockey began again here in Anchorage, at least pre-season ECHL hockey. The Aces hosted the Texas Wildcatters, and while it was thrilling to be back in my seats and seeing a little hockey (even if it was on pink ice) the game left somethings to be desired. Chief amongst them, a win.

As I walked into the arena my chest filled with excitement. As I sat in my seat and they lowered the house lights preparing to introduce the teams my skin started to tingle. Fanatic? Maybe it's true, but it sure does make the winter pass more quickly...

With Chris Beckford-Tseu in net, the Aces still went down 5-3. That's incredible considering that in the last two seasons, at the ECHL level, Becford-Tseu has posted save percentages of .929 and .950. Though he lost last night, he has still never lost a regular season game in Sullivan Arena.

Special teams need work. We went only one for ten on the power play, and allowed Texas a short-handed goal. But, there were upsides. Both fights were great, I especially liked seeing new guy Miller give it to

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