Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm getting lazy. Or I've been failing to take advantage of the snow. Or maybe I got lulled into a complacent laziness because of the late arrival of the snow. It seemed too late in the year to hike, but there wasn't any snow so I couldn't go snowshoeing or skiing.

But, we've had snow for in town for about a week now, and I do live right around the corner from Russian Jack...I have no excuse for not skiing a few K except laziness. And there has been enough snow in the mountains for snowshoeing for at least a month.

I've got to get outside. I'm feeling like I might start going a little stir crazy and lapse into bad habits (like leaving the TV on for 6 hours even though I'm not even actively watching it) to mask my stir craziness. It's sort of a cyclical thing too...when I don't get outside and be active, I tend to do fewer active things inside (like go to the gym) and it leads me to feeling lest motivated to do the sedentary things I have to do, like homework... I need to get on top of this now.

I was planning on swimming tonight, because it has become my Tuesday night habit...but I'm wondering if I should go skiing instead? Maybe I'll do both! That's probably overly ambitious though...

I have work but no school tomorrow. Maybe I'll swim tonight and ski tomorrow after work. Trav will still be sleeping then, so it's not like he'll mist me at all...

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