Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nader pisses me off

What's his deal? I agree with him when he says that we need a "Jeffersonian revolution" because we HAVE lost control of the government. But I can't believe he thinks he can actually help anymore. Seriously.

There was a time when I thought it would be impossible for me to argue against more than two parties being involved. But damn. At this stage of the game, the man still can't acknowledge the impact the votes he garnered in 2000 he drew AWAY from Al Gore...and he seems completely ignorant of the fact that this time he will draw them from Obama or Clinton...

HOW can he possibly deny that? HOW can he not see that? Clearly he knows how badly this country needs a change of course after the last 8 years...helping McCain get elected isn't going to do a whole lot to change the course. Maybe he likes seeing an election so close that the Supreme Court steps in.

At one point, I would have believed that Nader really is just the idealistic sort, standing up for his values and believing that he could actually use them to affect positive change, and sway the American public his way. But, at that point I also voted for him. Maybe I'm just older and wiser, I hope I'm not less idealistic but now I can't believe that this is about anything but his ego.

I won't be wasting my vote on him again. Hopefully those people who are still idealistic enough (or disenfranchised by the two party system) will realize this time around how important it is to throw their support not only to a candidate who they can respectfully count on to offer some positive change (a democrat) but that also has some hope of winning (not the four time lost, ego-centric Greenie.)

Not that I have a problem with the Greens mind you. I really probably should be registered as one...

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