Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WOW! What a night!

That, was incredible. It was chaotic, over time, overcrowded and full of thousands of adults who momentarily lost their good judgment, or thought they lived in one of the myriad countries with no respect for "the queue," with pushing and line cutting...but it was incredible!

The turnout of over 5,000 at Begich Middle School in Anchorage for the Democratic Caucus was incredible! The energy was amazing. When I caucused in 2004 I think there were 350-400 people there. The organizers were overwhelmed and under-prepared last night...but that MEANS SOMETHING!

It means there are Democrats, in Anchorage (and Alaska at large for that matter) and they care and the believe they can affect change! Seriously, I almost cried. It's gonna take baby steps...big baby steps like moving our caucus date up to Super Tuesday and growing caucus participation by 10%...but we will turn this state blue again! (It hasn't been since Johnson was president.)

Even more exciting, Obama swept the state with about 75% of vote going his way.

Even more exciting that that...though Hilliary won the big states may technically have more delegates, Obama won more states and won the delegate count. She has more delegates by a difference of far fewer than 100, which makes the difference essentially negligible. This becomes even more important when consider the 26 delegates Edwards won...many, if not all, of these delegates will likely swing toward Obama.

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