Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh damn!

Alaska republicans calling for Sean Parnell to resign as Lt Governor because he wants to campaign against Don Young.

Actually, I remember suggestions not too long ago that Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich should resign if (when) he starts running against Ted Stevens.

What's the deal? Since when has anyone ever resigned from their current position/elected office to campaign for anything?

Sure, I agree that it can possibly interfere with their current duties somewhat, if they let it (Hillary missed the important FISA vote in the Senate, Obama did a good example...) But really. Come on people.

When has anyone ever left their current office to campaign for another? Why would you demand that? People don't resign until they've WON the job they're seeking. And, he's taken his hands out of the division of elections, even though as the LG he is supposed to be the oversee-er, just so the conflict of interest claims can't be made.

I'm no huge fan of Parnell, or most of the republican party...but there by and large what I've got up here...I think the Old Guard in this state is starting to feel very, very fearful. As they should...

Oh, except apparently not too much yet, since the republicans also let Reudrich keep his job today. Which, apparently he had no plans on leaving even if they told him to.


Trav said...

I don't want to put in the effort to look, but didn't Bob Dole resign during his run for presidency?

Kim said...

No, I think you're right. I think the senate democrats forced him into it was basically as a result of the same sort of political pressure.