Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another example of what's wrong with this world

And especially the U.S. Government. A Colorado man has been told he's breaking federal law for recycling used priority mail boxes that he saved from dumpsters.

The post office's argument is that they are losing money by having these recycled boxes used for something other than priority mail. They want us to believe that reusing a priority box and not paying priority prices is somehow costing them more money than it would have if the box had just been thrown away or taken to cardboard recycling. That's not the case at all!

Even if the box is just being sent parcel post, they are still making more money off of that box than they would have otherwise. The logic of the USPS is a little flawed. Do they not realize that the box in question was retrieved from the trash, meaning that they were going to make NO MONEY from the box being shipped?

Moreover, the post office provides these boxes for free. How is one of these boxes being reused doing anything but SAVING them money from handing out new free boxes? The argument they are trying to make really is quite weak.

Antics like this just piss me off.

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