Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Slate on Hillary's lies

I've been baffled by Hillary's claim that she was under fire in Bosnia ever since I first heard it and Sindbad (yes, the comedian's) refutation of her claims (he was there as part of the USO tour.) It didn't make sense, and even after she explained that she must have just "misremembered" I was baffled. More baffled even. How is it possible to misremember an event like that? I'm sure that, by now, everyone has seen the actual footage from that day, Hillary and entourage (including teenage Chelsea) disembarking the plain all smiles and waves.

I've been baffled. And I've been annoyed. But I haven't gotten as riled up about it as I normally would have. I suppose part of it has been the idea that, regardless of how optimistic and hopeful I am, I recognize that politicians are politicians and are going to lie. I suppose (and this is a confession) another part is that I don't want to jump on to the vitriolically angered by Hillary bandwagon too much-- just in case I end up having to support her come August.

However, now I'm not just baffled and annoyed.
Now I am angry. Why the hell has a bigger deal not been made of this? Why haven't more people paid attention to this? Why is it not much of an issue outside of public radio variety/quiz shows? What's the deal?

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