Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Market

T and I have been making near weekly ventures to the Saturday Market ever since they opened a month ago. It's been a great pleasure, eating reindeer dogs and T scouring all of the fossils and bone available in such booths...but there has yet to be any sign of produce.

I was sure there was going to, at least, be fresh herbs this week. Still nothing! I'm guessing the cold spring we've had so far is really slowing the valley crops up. It's a shame, though the shipments from Full Circle Farm are becoming more and more bountiful, I sure would like to get some local produce. Nothing yet, hopefully soon.

Another point of frustration today. I stopped at the espresso booth, ordered a latte and handed over my metal travel mug. The guy took my mug, then proceeded to make my coffee in a paper cup. I tried to stop him and quickly declared "NO, no... I wanted it in my mug!" He simply replied "Oh, I know" and then poured my coffee into my mug from the paper cup and threw the paper cup away. I replied, somewhat shyly, but annoyed "The whole idea was to avoid the throw away cup to begin with."



Trav said...

Not just fossils and bones, but also antler and ivory. The ivory's probably the coolest part.

Natasha Slobodina said...

What an idiot. I mean the coffee guy :)

Green Bean said...

Ug! The coffee thing happened to my husband last week too. Helllllooooo!