Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I've been missing

My blogging has been seriously lacking. Anyone who cares has already noticed I'm sure. First I was on Adak, with sketchy internet access. Then I was moving. Since I've moved, I've not yet really acquired internet access at my new place. There have been many things about which I've wanted to write, I just haven't found the time.

Last week a coworker brought me fresh cream AND mozzarella from the valley. The day before I'd just picked up a beautiful bunch of rainbow chard and some bow tie rainbow pasta from the farmer's market. I had this recipe fresh in my mind and the fresh cream was all the motivation I needed to whip up some chard stem cream sauce and pasta.

I used part of the cream to make butter. In the process I found the perfect use for the tea glasses that Jacy gave me for Christmas two years ago (which I love, but I've always found to be too small for a proper cup of tea) and fashioned myself a few butter bells. I had a loaf of generic Alaska Pride sandwich wheat bread leftover which I purchased for far too much money, out of desperation, on Adak which I'd hauled back from the island with me, simply because I couldn't bring myself to leave most of a $5.00 loaf of bread, even if it was just a generic bagged sandwich bread. I used the bread, and fresh butter and mozzarella to make something resembling crostini.

Fresh cream + homemade butter+ rainbow chard stems + fresh local pasta + crostini = incredibly tasty. Thanks Cleaner Plate club, via Simply recipes.

Or was it the week before last? I can't recall. But that's not the point. The point it, it was delicious, and it was entirely local. I believe that may have been my first meal composed entirely of local foods of the summer. OK, so the Challenge started over a month ago, and this meal didn't happen until somewhere around July 10th. I know. I'm behind. I've been busy, I've been out of town, the farmer's markets were painfully slow starting. I've got fairly good excuses, and better late than never, right? I'll be better for the rest of the summer, I promise.

The farmers markets are full now, and so is my enthusiasm!


Ali B. said...

Glad you liked it. I thought it was one of those recipes where you realize that good ingredients is all you need for good food. Or a good life.

You, by the way, are absolutely adorable. Not a come-on. Just a fact.

Trav said...