Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A night to remember

I'm speechless, and I'm over flowing with sentiment. All at once I am lost and in awe of this historic moment and oddly disconnected. Senator McCain just finished his concession speech, Sarah Palin had visible tears in her eyes. She will be coming back to us in Alaska, which is better than the alternative.

I am elated at the triumph of the candidate about whom so many of us feel so strongly. I am listening to the broadcasters comment on the historicity of this moment. It feels real, and it feels poignant...but it also feels like everyday. I feel the historicity of the moment, and yet, it is something about which I felt so sure, and which feels so right...and perhaps because it feels like race shouldn't matter (though it does) it feels odd to be so historic.

This is what history in the making feels like. It feels over-whelming and momentous, and it feels like your everyday life.

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