Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Capture-Real Life

Capturing my real life was easy enough...I take dozens of random "real life" pictures everyday. Picking the ones to use was a bit harder. Apparently most of my real life is spent waiting for the bus or watching T with Boomer and Rigo (the cats.)

Boomer Wants a Fly, Rigo Watches
(or something he and T are only imagining to be to be there. T lifting Boomer toward the ceiling is a fairly regular occurrence around our house.)

Rigo Taking Full Advantage of the Cat Bed

Morning at the Bus Stop
This is one of two bus stops by my house. This, or the one directly across the street, is usually the first place you can find me everyday

Waiting for a Shuttle at UAA in the Morning
It's so convenient that the bus goes from my house to UAA and the shuttle goes from UAA to the University Center, which is right next door to my office.

Waiting for People Mover at UAA in the Evening
This stop is where I can be found many evenings after work.

Jack'o'Lanterns on Our Porch (A Week and a Half after Halloween)
I keep hoping a moose will get them.

4:00PM Sunset while Driving Home on Ice Rinks, I Mean Roads

T Feeding his Dinner to the Cats
Nearly every night they want some of what we're eating. This night Boomer really enjoyed what was left of the squash.


Dcan said...

Funny cats, pretty mountains and cool frost!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow what a day : ) Real life is so beautiful, isn't it? : )

Colleen said...

Wow... it looks chilly out there, but the mountains are beautiful. I love the poor pumpkins all covered in snow.