Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Capture- Sunrise/Sunset

This week's You Capture was pretty difficult, given that here in Anchorage these days the sun is generally rising after I get to work and setting before I leave work. At least Beth had just as hard a time!

None the less, I managed to come up with several shots that were taken during sunset, even if they aren't the actual sunset itself. Tuesday I left work as the sun was setting and managed to catch some shots on my walk to the gym.

Sunset reflecting on O'Malley Peak as seen from just outside my office.

Looking West, Toward the Actual Sunset!

Looking north across midtown.

And in case you were wondering at what time the sun was setting, and just how cold it was.

Today, sunset reflecting on the chugach Mountains from my porch.


Alana Jo said...

Love the first one.

-Alana Jo

The Wifey said...

Love that first one as well! The peak looks pink! :)

akpsychgirl said...

The first shot is gorgeous!

Jessi said...

Love that first shot! I've always wanted to go to Alaska!!...don't know it I couldn't handle the weather though!

Dayna said...

Love the shots, but you know what got me the temperature! I admire (or maybe think you are crazy) for living in that cold of weather! Stay warm!

Photogramommy said...

So pretty! I don't think you could get a bad picture of the mountains of Alaska...what a beautiful view!

Kelleyand said...

Beautiful! I can feel what the mood is with these pictures. In fact, my toes are feeling cold after seeing the temperature! I don't think I'm going to complain about the 20 to 40 degrees we've been having.