Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm getting ready to submit an abstract to present, essentially my thesis work, at a conference in the spring with some classmates. I'm not very creative in the titular department, and was having a really hard time coming up with even a lame title to go along with my abstract.

I asked Travis, in a totally tongue-in-cheek way, to help me come up with a title. I should have been prepared for the hilarity that was about to ensue, but I wasn't.

Here are a few of his gems:
  • Midwives Know What they're doing, Fuck Off, Doc
  • Social Justice with a Grassroots Movement. Women Taking Back their Vaginas
  • Suck on This: Home-births Should be Legal
  • Anyone Can Deliver a Baby: Even Midwives!
  • Pull the Sand out of your Vagina and Let the Midwives do their Jobs
  • My Vagina's not Sick. Let me Keep it Out of the Hospital
  • Birthing is not a Disease, Cuntfaces
  • Labia Tears and Afterbirths all in the Safety of your Own Home
  • Childbirth in Rural NC: How the Woods aren't Just for Beavers that Build Dams
  • I Don't Tell you Where to Spooge, So Don't Tell my Vagina Where to Poop
  • My JJ, not your Way-Way
Oddly enough, he did also basically come up with the title I decided to use, though I subbed out the word "vagina" in favor of the word "birth." Because let's face it, no matter how much Travis is obsessed with the word "vagina," birth is about more than just vaginas.

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akpsychgirl said...

LOL, ok some of them made me laugh out loud!