Friday, June 29, 2007

Busy Day

I started my new gig today. I went from FWS at 12:00 to Bradley House at 12:30. I think it will be good, I spent most of my day out on the deck (because there is far more seating out there) and on a day like today, who can argue with that!? It seems like it stays busy enough to make time go quickly, and big tips are definitely a big possibility.

I had planned on hiking O'Malley Peak tonight, and had already invited a classmate, Kelly. However, when I got off work, I felt so tired! I forgot how tiring it can be to just be working walking around on your feet. I persevered though, called Kelly and made plans to head out.

Dillon and I met her, her husband, her brother and her mom (also a classmate, who I foolishly never before realized was her mother!) and their house and drove up to Glen Alps. The O'Malley trail wasn't too crowded and it was a beautiful night! I love sitting on top of mountains-- especially at 9:15 at night with the sun still blazing high!

At the same time I was feeling so high (metaphorically and literally)... I'm feeling a little sense of trepidation.

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