Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gainfully Employed- TWICE!

It's official...I'm now the proud holder of two jobs. Or even three or four if you count the two contracts I'm doing (for ACZ and for Diane Hanson.)

After the fastest and easiest interview I've ever had I'm now a server at the Bradley House Bar & Grill.

It went something like this

Ring Ring
"Hi this is Scott from the Bradley House, can I speak with Kimberly?"
"This is she"
"Uh, yeah, could you come down here in 45 minutes?"
"Yeah, I can be there."

45 minutes later
"Thanks for getting down here so quickly, you can start tomorrow?"
"Do you have a TAM card?"
"Alright, well Eddie's sports bar does classes on Saturdays. Call them and tell them that you work for the Bradley House, because you do now if you want the job, and it will cost you $30 and be good for 3 years."

That was basically it. He handed me a shirt, an apron and said he'd see me around 12:30 tomorrow when I get off from my other job! As much as I would love to feel awfully proud of how completely awesome I must be, to have been offered the job so quickly, I suspect that they are rather desperate for help and I'm the only person to have applied. :-)

Oh well. I wanted another job, now I have one. I'm going to have to keep reminding myself that the goal here is to save a lot of money. Because only working part time, especially in the summer, is very nice. Especially on gorgeous days like today.

So, I can't help but feel conflicted. However, people make these sacrifices all the time, right? It isn't as if I am the first person to have held two jobs...nor is the first time I have done so. And, I think it will be fun. The place has a huge deck, and I think I'll spend most of my time serving out there, since the deck is larger than the restaurant itself.

I think it's time for a run...

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