Monday, July 9, 2007

I miss conversation

I was just sitting here thinking about it and realized how rare amazing conversation has become in my life.

It used to be everywhere. A huge part of who I was and what we did. Remember the summer after senior year of high school when 5 of us we would spend all night in Anna's living room just talking?

I do. I miss those times. It isn't that I'm feeling nostalgic or melancholy. It's simply that I just realized this was a facet of my life I once treasured, and seemed to have lost touch with it.

I got a little of it during my Title Wave year and the year that immediately followed. Some of the people I met during that time were amazing, and it is a shame that, due to all the various mitigating factors, they are lost to me....or their conversation became lost to me.

I am not sure I have had consistent quality conversationsince then.

Kelly is too far away (and we are both so busy) for our amazing conversations to happen often. Cheryl is close, but I am so much more vocal than her that with just the two of us I think it is far too easy for me to dominate the conversation...which results in me rambling far more than it results in us consistently having the kind of conversations we once did.

I think that must be one thing that encouraged me along with T so much. Why I quickly wanted him around. He and I seemed to be really able to have great conversation about all manner of things. But...he's off having amazing summer adventures in Denali.

Kelly will be home in less than a month, I look forward to that. And I could work on it with Cheryl...but for some reason I always end up rambling with her. Maybe it's because I've given her so little time the last few years that whenever I do make time...I always feel like we are catching up.

I should fix that!

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