Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I have been looking for reasons to procrastinate all day. I have this contract report I'm working on. I'm mostly done with it...but am having an extraordinarily hard time focusing. Early on in the course of this project I was very excited about it. So much to the point that I repeatedly noted how it was odd that I was enjoying it some much in spite of the fact that a similar project for school would be something over which I procrastinated endlessly.

I guess that procrastination mode has hit me. Maybe contract work isn't my forte...maybe I need the structure of sitting in an office to complete stuff like this!

My goal is to have it finished tonight...especially since I had originally planned on finishing it last week.

What have I gotten for my procrastination? I finished
putting all of my Costa Rica pictures on FLICKr. :-) That feels good.

Oh, and I studied for the GRE some. Just vocab flashcards...where I was shocked to find words such as "abate" "abdicate" and "aberrant." There were also many words I didn't know...but many that seemed too basic. Hmm. Too bad it doesn't make me feel like I actually have an advantage.

And I have almost finished narrowing down my options in terms of schools to which I am going to apply. Really, I'm just waiting to hear back from a few about their willingness to accept an applicant who would pursue two concurrent masters degrees in two separate schools of the university, with out there being an established structure for such a program.

I'm feeling annoyed and frustrated that so much work much must be put into preparing for a school term that is still so far away (over a year!) It just seems wrong. It is seriously difficult to think about things that far in the future...even though I am well aware that the time between now and then will pass all too quickly.

Alas...back to my report...

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