Thursday, July 12, 2007

Maybe it's just because I'm hungry

But I really feel like cooking something. Not just throwing some ingredients together on the stove...but really cooking.

Since I moved back into my parent's house I have done so little of that. A few times when I had people over for hockey. A few times for T and myself. The other night I made ravioli for Dillon and myself.

But really, in the last three (or has it been four already? I'm not sure....) months I really haven't cooked at all.

I miss it. And I miss tasty food. It isn't that my parents don't cook tasty food. In large part they do. However, a lot of it is stuff I don't eat (very red meaty and trans fat laden.)

The weird thing is, that point aside, I still haven't eaten what they cook very often. So if I'm not cooking, and I'm not eating what they are cooking...what have I been eating?

Deep thoughts.

Like I said. Maybe I'm just hungry.

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