Monday, April 21, 2008

What the...?

I was just driving home from work. Stopped at the intersection of 36th and Old Seward to make a right turn...while waiting for the light to change I leaned over the passenger seat of my car to roll down that window. I'm leaning over, and I look out my windshield, toward the sky as I roll the window down.

What do I see from this newly afforded angle out of my windshield? What is it I see as I am peering into the sky, while waiting in traffic, and utterly unable to pull over to get a better look or take a few pictures?

I see a plane. Neh, scratch that, I see SIX PLANES....but not just six planes flying through the sky. I see what appears to be a normal passenger jet of the 737 or 747 variety flying south. Following this normal appearing passenger aircraft, following very closely actually, was a large fighter jet of some variety. Flanking the right side of the normal appearing passenger aircraft were three smaller fighter jets and a fourth slightly in front of it.

This plane was very clearly being escorted. Maybe it was just some normal training exercise out of Elemendorf or Ft. richardson. But I see those all the time. Whereas I have never before seen such a site as one plane so clearly being escorted through the skies.

What's going on? Was this a completely normal occurance that I've just never noticed before, or is something up? Nobody else in traffic seemed to notice, though I did notice several pedestrians peering skyward with looks of bewilderment and curiosity.

I googled it, and checked the local news-stations and newspaper online. I don't see a mention of it anywhere. Totally bizarre nonetheless. I wish my camera had been accesible and not deep in the recesses of my backpack.

As an aside...Yes! it has gotten warm enough out that I need to open BOTH windows after the car sits in the sun all day.)

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Anonymous said...

i'm SO glad i'm not the only one! I saw the same deal, sitting in traffic at the corner of Minnesota & Northern Lights. I looked around me and not one other motorist seemed to notice!! There was the huge, white plane being escorted, as you said, VERY closely. No mention on the news or even NPR. Your blog is all I've found, can't imagine in broad daylight it was meant to be secret...but still *very* strange!