Monday, July 6, 2009

Palin: Escape Plan

Palin: Escape Plan, originally uploaded by The Searcher.

Another great contribution from The Searcher. This one hitting a little close to home.

His original text to accompany the image:
"Biased Liberal Media: But what is this new direction?

Palin: Forward. That way. Away to the people that need me and who are so proud of this country I love to do.

Biased Liberal Media: Aren't you concerned people, even fellow Republicans, will think this looks like you're quitting?

Palin: I'm not quitting, I'm STARTING! How many times do I have to explain this to biased liberal media bias? I can't do the job the people of this GREAT country hired me to do for THEM with all of these restrictions and responsibilities and from that you know. In the words of General MacArthur said, "“We are not retreating, we are just advancing in a DIFFERENT direction.”

Biased Liberal Media: Isn't that quote actually from another general, Oliver P. Smith?

Palin: Now there you go ATTACKING me again, I really wish you'd quit it out, it is SO obvious that you're doing the politics of personal destruction and why you don't want me to spread MY message of liberty and jobs to the people I don't know. Also.

Biased Liberal Media: But you had a job, that you were hired to do. What is this new job?

Palin: Why is it so hard for you biased liberal bias to give ME, a woman from the GREAT state of Alaska that I love, the same respect as that other candidate? I'm not able to privvy you on internal campaign strategy that I KNOW how to do because, but the big game is JUST a year away, and it's time for me the point guard to PUT the focus on it where it belongs on it. Presidential elections only come around every two YEARS, you know."

He got the dialog style for her pretty spot on. The only thing he could have done better was add the words "also" and "such as" a few times.

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