Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah Palin's "Reasons"

I just read Sarah's 4th of July "Thank You" to the troops letter. Really, it was mostly just a reiteration of a lot of the random things she said in her resignation speech.

I would like to write Sarah Palin myself. Maybe I should

Governor Sarah Palin
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1700
Anchorage, AK 99501

Dear Governor Palin,

I am writing in response to your July 4th letter wishing us a great holiday and reflecting on the previous 24 hours.

The problem is, Sarah-is that no matter how candid or heartfelt you believe them to be none of these reasons are actually of course the media and bloggers plus everyone and their son and their left big toe too are going to speculate. Whether some of us want you gone or not is irrelevant in terms of whether or not resigning with no real reason is right. Whether anyone is happy to see you go or not is irrelevant when they call foul on your quitting. Because quitting an elected position, with no real reason given is a little sketchy; people have a right to point that out. Your constituents especially have the right and frankly the media has the responsibility to point it out. As someone with a degree in journalism, I would think that you would understand that.

Really Sarah, I wonder if you are aware of how bizarre the "reasons" you gave us are?

"Not wanting a second term" is a reason for not-seeking re-election. It is not a reason to quite with 16 months left.

"Not wanting to be a lame duck" is not a reason for quitting, it sounds like a bad case of hard feelings over the fact that there won't be a second term. But who, at this point, can you have hard feelings for over that fact? Basically only yourself since you're electing to not run. At this point in the game you, and only you have prevented your second term and thus created your lame duck status.

"Not needing a title before your name" is not a reason to quit with 16 months left. That's the reason you give for not-seeking re-election, sure. But that's not a reason to quit. If you didn't need that title in front of your name to begin with, you should never have run for the position of governor which generally requires you to complete a four year term.

"Being called to a higher call" MIGHT be a reason, if you'd actually tell us what it is. Running for another office? Getting a sweet ass deal with an oil company? Something. This is your only "reason" that might actually give a clue as to why you are really quitting. But until you tell us what that higher call is, we are all left to speculate. And that is our right, because you were elected to serve us and you are quitting without really telling us why.

"Accomplishing everything you wanted to" is a fat lie. Where is the damned gas line? What smaller government? (Oh, you mean turning down federal money for the first time in the history of Alaska at a time when every single other state was actually getting some too?) I would like you to go over your list of campaign promises and all of the big goals you publicly stated at the start of your administration and explicitly tell us what of those this administration has actually accomplished.

Governor Palin, I do agree with you that sacrificing your title is best for Alaska. I agree whole heartedly with that, for now. I might change my mind when I find out why you actually sacrificed your title. But in spite of the fact that I agree with you, it doesn't mean that I think quitting was actually "the right thing to do" and I certainly can't say that it was until you treat us all with respect and tell us why you actually quit. I suppose that is asking too much though, since you've been completely honest and candid with Alaskans about very little for a very long time.

An Alaskan who was never a fan, but remains perplexed and cheated none the less

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